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01322 284435

Why not take advantage of our new service and transfer your old videos onto modern DVD disks. We offer a rapid turnaround and free additional features.

We can transfer VHS / VHS-C / Video8 / Mini DV / and other formats.
We can now do Cine Film to DVD.

Video To DVD Transfer

All video's have a menu and chapters and are supplied in plastic covers. 

Current Pricing

Transfer I hour VHS video to DVD  £12.99 each

As a general rule Video8 and Mini DV tapes capture a lot more video that older VHS tapes. Therefore, in order to preserve the original footage as much as possible we do not reduce the quality of a video to fit onto a single DVD. If two or more DVD’s are required to hold your footage then there is a small additional charge.

Typically an hour of video will fit onto a single DVD - We charge just £1.50 per DVD for videos over 1 hour in duration. Therefore, a tape running for 3 hours would cost £12.99 + £1.50 + £1.50 for the 3 DVD disks. We do not compress the video to make 2 hours of video (for example) fit onto a single DVD, the picture becomes too degraded. Much better to pay £1.50 and get superior quality.

Your VHS, Video 8, Hi8, and Mini DV videos are not sent away we do the whole production in-house.

Please note that very old VHS tapes or those badly stored can be subject to condensation, tape deterioration and wear. The quality of the final product will depend on the quality of the original.

Cine Film to DVD transfer service
We offer frame by frame transfer for excellent results. See our example on our main website. Cine Films are not done on site.

Betamax Tapes Can Now Be Converted As Well (we have to send these away though) £19.99

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